What creates desire?

Writing this blog reminded me of something I heard years ago - the advice came from a friend of my brother. This guy was, and always had been, a ladies man. He seemed to have an unlimited amount of charm and an endless number of prospects.

After finishing off a bottle of single-malt scotch one night, we started talking about our theories on women. His experience was that the secret to attracting women and creating desire is to have something that they want. After all, if they don’t want it, nothing in this world is ever going to change that.

At the time, I dismissed it as drunken rambling, but looking back now, I should have taken the time to understand what he was really saying. Yes, he may have been drunk, but he still got 10 times the amount of women the rest of us did. I should have listened, because he, in fact, was walking the walk and talking the talk.

Looking back, I think I can now appreciate what it was he meant. He was saying that there has to be something about the other person that creates an attraction - there must be something they want (Duh…). Ok, yes that’s fairly obvious, but isn’t it funny how many of us miss that critical bit of the puzzle?

In all honesty, you could be the nicest guy in the world, but unless you have something that she desires, there is no hope of ever creating any attraction.

What creates desire? Isn’t that the million dollar question? If I knew that, then I would be further ahead than most guys out there.