The results are in (some, anyway)

As promised, here are the results of the dating sites and rating sites I posted my profile to a few days ago. The bottom line is not great. I keep reminding myself that it’s only been a few days, so things might improve.

I posted my profile on 12 different dating sites (fortunately, there are a lot out there). These are free sites that provide members with full access. I posted my photo with each submission, along with a fairly detailed and well-written bio. I did not lie or exaggerate on any profiles (although the urge was there). I needed to have genuine information in my details because I need honest feedback.

As far as the rating sites go, 8 of the dating sites had a rating system. Additionally, I submitted my pic to three “rating only” sites.

I also contacted three women – all had pictures, and all very different from one another.

The first was very good-looking with a well-written bio. The second was extremely good-looking (way, way out of my league) and had a poor description and bio (lots of spelling mistakes and each paragraph started with, “and like…”). The third was not very attractive, but had a great bio and seemed very intelligent.

I sent the same message to each. It was along the lines of: “Hi, I’m Dan. Your profile caught my eye…”

Here are the results so far:

I got zero inquires from people that wanted to know more about me. I heard back from one woman I sent a message to. It was the beautiful one with the badly written bio. Three words: “you’re kidding, right?” Then she proceeded to block me.

Lastly, I received a few ratings from the “hot-or-not” sites. All three sites rated me very low (although one only had a single respondent). There were also a few comments. One guy said, “Dude, are you kidding?” I assume it was a guy anyway. The other comment sounded like it was from some schoolgirl and it said, “ewww.” The last comment was simply a laughing happy face (that was actually from a dating site with a rating system).

Anyway, I feel like sh*t, so enough for today.