About Me

Hi, my name’s Dan. I originally started this blog around the summer of 06 as a way to log my daily progress as I worked towards the goal of getting a girlfriend by Sept 07 (about 1 year). The goal was to get a fulltime girlfriend within one year. Man, talk about lame.

Looking back now, I realize how naïve I was about how the real world worked when it came to women and dating. Yet, that was me: Mr. naïve. I was 32 years old, a virgin, I had no job, I lived with my parents, and I had no prospects in terms of my career or my love life. Some might have branded me a loser (heh).

The good news is that I’m no longer that person. I’ve made some major improvements in my life and I now date different women on a regular basis. I always thought that what I was missing was a fulltime girlfriend – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s now 2008 and I’m doing more with my life than I could have imagined – especially in the dating area. I don’t claim to have all the answers to attracting and dating women, but I have learned a few techniques that work wonders (well, more than a few) – and I am dedicating this blog to talking about them.

I suppose what I’m really saying is that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I truly mean that. Look, I was a pathetic loser in every sense of the word. Women cringed when I came near. They all looked at me like I had some kind of disease and treated me like something stuck to their shoe. I’m not proud of who I was back then, but I’m thankful I got up off my ass and did something about it.

Anyway, here is the unedited version of “About Me” written in 2006 – just as I started this blog. You might find it amusing – I know I do!

From 2006

The purpose of this blog is to document my day-to-day activities as I strive for an almost impossible goal: Getting a girlfriend within the period of one year.

You may ask what the big deal is, but if you read on, I’ll try to explain.

My name is Dan, and as incredibly strange as that sounds, I’ve decided to start a blog that will document the progress of someone who has almost never dated, still a virgin, and definitely does not attract women. In fact, I repel women.

I can count the number of dates I've had in my life on one hand. And they haven't been good dates either - total disasters, in fact.

I don’t date because:

1. I don’t attract women.
2. I have zero confidence and low self-esteem
3. I get extremely nervous in the presence of women I’m attracted to.
4. I’m overweight at 5’9 and 220 lbs.
5. I’m not good-looking.
6. I live with my parents
7. I’m unemployed
8. I have few friends
9. I’m not motivated to try

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m 32 years old. So I suppose you could say that I’m a little behind the eight-ball in the dating department.

Ok, having said all that, I still believe there is hope for me – otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this.

On the positive side, there is only one way to go from here, and that’s up. The way things are at the moment, there is no way that I could be in worse shape. I’m starting with nothing and I’m hoping that by September 2007, I’ll have had a few dates and hopefully a permanent girlfriend.