Creating opportunity

Increasing my friendship base is not going to be easy. After all, most people my age are busy getting on with their lives. They run in different circles and are more likely to have common interests related to work, relationships, kids, and finding a great interest rate for their mortgage. I, on the other hand, am still living like a teenager in my parent’s basement.

Getting depressed over how miserable my life has turned out is not going to do anything for me, however. I’m not going to get bogged down with the past – what’s done is done.

As far as meeting new people… well, that might take a little creative thinking. I don’t want to just go out with the sole purpose of meeting new friends; that would just make me look desperate. I think a better approach would be to find something that truly interests me, and get involved with that. Meeting new people would just be a natural result of getting out and doing something.

Choosing an activity to get involved with should be fairly simple. I have a wide variety interests and hobbies.

I am thinking of joining a group through or taking a night-school class at the local high school.

The only limitation I am going to place on this is that I want to get involved in an activity where the male/female ratio does not work against me. I’ve been in competitive situations like that before and I don’t do well.

I remember an automotive class I signed up for years ago. There were at least 12 guys and only one female. She was 40ish, and very, very plain looking. She was not the type to get a second look by any guy in public. However, in this class, she was treated like a queen. It was like some big competition between the men in the class to see who could get her attention. Of course, the better looking, more outgoing guys seemed to garner most of the attention. That left me sitting in the sidelines.

It’s all to do with supply and demand. Human behavior is bizarre at times.