New strategy - not looking for a date

“Do what you love, and the money will follow,” is some very sound, philosophical advice for entrepreneurs. It suggests that people stop trying so hard to get rich, and work at something they are passionate about. Do that well, and the money will follow.

There is a lot to be said for directing our efforts towards enjoying the journey instead of simply achieving the goal. While you should have a goal, the method you use to get there is equally important. Employing the “whatever it takes” approach, will not necessary guarantee success.

I’m sure this very idea can be applied to the dating world.

Asking women out, until one finally says yes, is a prime example of how one can easily become short-sighted. By playing the odds, you are almost certainly going to get a yes eventually, but at what cost? I personally couldn’t put myself through that much torture.

For a guy like me (not especially attractive) the “success through numbers” approach is painful and will probably not result in finding someone compatible anyway.

On the same note, continuing to lead my life “as is” will accomplish nothing. It’s obvious that this is not working for me and that I have to make an extra effort to meet women. Not to say that I need to start coming on to every person I meet - leering and lusting after women like some desperate, over-sexed pervert – but there has to be some middle-ground somewhere.

Nothing is as sad as desperation – and people pick up on this very easily. Yes, I hate to say it, but I’m sure that I come off as being desperate. What is the difference between that, and being forward? I would have to say looks and confidence. Unattractive guys come off as being needy, while good looking guys appear forward, and confident.

I’ve decided that, instead of trying so hard to meet someone, I might just start by trying to get out more and socialize. If this theory is right, then I should be able to attract someone by just being myself, getting out, and doing my own thing. The worst that can happen is that I make a few friends; and that’s not entirely bad.