A social experiment – analysis

The television crew and the actors did a full evaluation of the social experiments they conducted. I believe there were 4 different scenes that they performed. In each case, the conclusion was that the better looking a person is, the nicer they are treated. They seemed to all agree that good-looking people could get away with more and always end up smelling like roses. People just seemed to want to be around these individuals.

Also, it wasn’t a matter of guy verses girl. As a matter of fact, they concluded that gender only made a slight difference in how people treated others. For example: A good looking guy was treated favorably by both males and females – and vice-versa.

The actors were interviewed a day later and it was quite interesting to hear what they had to say. The Brad Pitt look-alike was very interesting to listen to. He said that he was miserable during his short duration as an unattractive nobody. He was shocked at how cruel and unfeeling people could be. He then admitted that he took his appearance for granted and that he could not imagine never being able to switch back to one of the beautiful people.

Yeah, I felt so bad for him, having to endure that for an hour!

I often wonder what it would be like to have good looks and a winning personality. Well, in all honesty, I don’t think I have a bad personality; it’s just that I can’t get people to look past my appearance – sigh…

In any case, this experiment certainly spoke volumes about human behavior and how people are categorized by others. I always knew I was discriminated against because of my looks, but to see it in black-and-white like that really opened my eyes.

For someone in my circumstance, the situation is bleak. Sure I can lose weight, and make cosmetic changes, but the fact remains that I am still not one of the beautiful people of the world. I will never experience that preferential treatment.

But then again, that’s like saying that I’ll be depressed for the rest of my life because I’ll never be as rich as Bill Gates. That is not reasonable, and it’s ridiculous to get upset over it.

The only comfort I have is in the knowledge that the majority of humans are not gorgeous. Most of us “normal” folk are just average, and it’s the hand that was dealt to us. In my case, I have the opportunity to lose weight and fix up my physical appearance somewhat, but there is a limit to how much that will buy me.

So, I can continue feeling sorry for myself because I was not born beautiful, or I can accept things as they are and get on with life.