Rejection is a part of life

Things didn’t go well last Saturday; however, I refuse to let a single bad experience spoil my plans. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and the fact that I happened to get snubbed on my first real attempt at dating in years, is just a horrible coincidence. At least I hope that it’s that simple. On the other hand, what if I’m just so unattractive that I am unable to create desire in anyone? Where does that leave me in the grand scheme of things?

As I mentioned before; I hate rejection. What took place last Saturday afternoon wasn’t really the worst kind of rejection, however. Even if she did do a drive-by and decided not to take the time to get to know me, at least I know that I was rejected for my looks alone. Some of you may say that that’s the worst kind of rejection, but I beg to differ.

Being rejected based on looks alone, is actually much less painful than being rejected after actually meeting and getting to know someone. In that instance, you know that the rejection runs deeper than looks alone; you are being rejected because of who you are.

She may have taken a look at me and rejected me instantly, but that was the only reason. She did not reject me for my personality, so in a way, that’s less painful. There are many unattractive guys with great personalities.

I am not attractive by any means, but I do mange to shine in other areas. I’m a good conversationalist, and I have a pretty broad knowledge in many subjects. Given the chance, I usually fair pretty well as far as keeping the conversation lively.

But let’s face it: looks will always matter. If only there was some way to get by that initial first impression.