Dating is a numbers game

“Dating is a numbers game, and in order to have a better chance at meeting your ideal mate, you must get out there and create as many prospects as possible.”

This advice was given to me at a party a few years back by a complete stranger. I think he assumed that I wasn’t exactly what you would call a ladies man, and, in his drunken stupor, decided to share this tidbit of information with me.

I should mention that this guy seemed to be charmed as far as the ladies were concerned. He had a certain quality and confidence when it came to the opposite sex, and everyone noticed it. Even as drunk as he was, I could still sense that several women were flirting with him as we chatted.

In most other circumstances, he would not have bothered to talk to me. We were in different leagues, and I could not even begin to imagine the world that he lived in. He seemed to have that magical, elusive magnetism that naturally attracted people. They just wanted to be close and hang out with him – girls and guys.

Some of the best advice I had ever been given was being willingly shared by this stranger at that party. But, for whatever reason, I decided not to follow it. That was a mistake. What better source of information could I have hoped for? He was living the life I dreamed of – walking the walk, so to speak. Unfortunately, after that night, I never got the chance to continue our talk – different worlds – different leagues. In fact, I doubt that he even remembered a word he said, or who he talked with that night. I felt privileged.

Anyway, amongst other things, he was a firm believer in playing the odds. His theory (nothing really earth-shattering) was that it takes a whole lot of dating and introductions to find someone with whom you are compatible. Well, the truth be told, his castoffs would have been my dream girls – I kid you not. However, the theory, in principle, was a good one.

Plant a whole lot of seeds, and some are sure to sprout and thrive – it’s simple statistics. In his case, he would have chatted up dozens of women to finally settle on one that he would consider dating. In my case, it would be more like attempting to chat up several women and finally having one chat back. But hey, it’s the same in principle.

It was silly of me not to heed his advice. I mean, how many times would I ever get to talk to a guy like this?

I don’t know what made me think about it after all these years, but the theory is sound and makes sense. In fact, I’ll keep it in mind as I decide on my next move.