A dating site romance - is it possible?

About 3 months ago, I posted several ads in some free dating sites. About half of those included my picture. The goal was to get a true feeling for where I ranked in the pecking order when it came to attracting women. Not one of the picture profiles drew a response, and those whom I contacted first were not interested. I think my photo was the determining factor.

Why would I put myself through such torture? Well, essentially, it was my own private social experiment, and I needed the real-world, no nonsense truth – as painful as it was.

While most of the responses were negative, I did manage to have a conversation with one person that lives about an hours drive from me. She initiated the first contact and said she liked my profile. Obviously, this was a site that did not include my picture. We conversed a few times and she sent me her photo. I didn’t know what to do after that, because I didn’t want to blow the whole thing by forwarding my pic to her. I covered up by saying that I wanted to get a more recent snapshot to send. I never bothered to message her back, and I didn’t return to the site.

Since that time, I abandoned that online dating site out of shame. Actually, it had been weeks since I checked my messages on any of the dating sites. I wanted nothing more to do with them because of the failure I experienced.

On Thursday evening, I signed-on to a few of the more popular sites just for curiosity’s sake. I wasn’t expecting any more responses or any activity at all, really. I don’t know why I even bothered.

I had no new messages on every profile except for the one I had vowed never to sign in to again. In all honestly, I had forgotten about the whole incident. My message box indicated that I had 3 messages – the last one dated more than a month ago - all three were from the same woman I snubbed. I was expecting them to be scathing and full of hate, but to my surprise, she seemed to be genuinely concerned that she hadn’t heard from me. I detected a little sadness in the last message, however.

On Thursday evening, I sent her a long apology and hoped that she would get it. Who knows, maybe she doesn’t even go to that service anymore. If she does receive it, I’m hoping that she forgets about the whole photo thing.

It’s Sunday morning and still no response. I’ll keep checking back over the weekend. You just never know. In all honesty, this is the closest I’ve come to chatting with a female that I might actually be able to ask out.