Women Love to Dance

If you're like most guys, dancing probably doesn't come naturally to you. Furthermore, it's probably not something that you're too anxious to learn. Let me re-word that: if you're unsuccessful with women, there's a good chance that you can't dance and you're not interested in learning.

Of course, that's a pretty general assumption and I apologize to anyone that's offended by reading that. As usual, I'm speaking from my own experiences and my many male friends that have the same problem with women that I have (or did).

From the time I first started becoming interested in women, I noticed a peculiar thing – but really didn't give it much thought until later on in life. I noticed that most women love to dance. This was apparent from my first junior high dance experience. Of course, at that age, who really knew what to do, how to do it, and what women (girls) actually liked. One thing I did notice, even at that early age, was that most of the girls seem to enjoy dancing. In fact, our high school dances consisted mainly of girls dancing with each other (or the occasional guy), and the majority of the other guys sitting around or propping up a wall.

There was an invaluable life lesson to be learned there, but I was too immature to really notice it. Looking back now, it seemed that there was only a handful of guys in our entire school that could dance properly. Coincidently, they always seem to be surrounded by women and lived life as though it were a beer commercial.

Convinced that this was simply an adolescent phase, I quickly learned that dancing was an important part of the entire dating scene even into my 20's and 30's. I discovered that if you couldn't dance, you were resigning yourself to a life of loneliness.

So my conclusion is: Women love to dance, and anyone that can move on the dance floor is heads and shoulders above all the other guys that are simply standing around waiting for something to happen.

Ironically, many of the guys that could move on the dance floor weren't necessarily the best looking or had the greatest personality. They simply had something that women wanted, and that was a dance partner. Being the eternal rebel, I was resistant to change and always thought of dancing as something that sissies did.

Fast-forward to about two years ago. I finally gave in and decided to take some dance lessons. I managed to talk my sister-in-law into helping me out with some basic moves and also took some formal lessons. I was determined to learn how to dance, though I was in my 30s, even if it killed me. I should also mention that I'm extremely uncoordinated and clumsy – so this really was a challenge.

These days, I'm quite comfortable getting up on the dance floor. I've gotten to the point where I at least look okay, although I'll ever be someone who people notice. That's okay though, because just knowing how to dance a little has opened up a whole new world to me. I didn't realize how much I was missing and how much I was leaving on the table.

I shudder to think of how many lost opportunities I've had over the years because I simply refused to (or was scared to) get up on the dance floor. In my experience, even if I managed to start talking to a woman, the minute I was asked to get up and dance (and then I refused), the evening was over in short order.

My only regret was that I waited until my mid-30s to learn. I often wonder how different my life could have been had I taken the initiative to learn a few basic moves back in my teen years. Oh well, such is life.