Signs of Romantic Attraction

Knowing the signs of romantic attraction is critical to happiness in the dating world. Unfortunately, it’s something that I refused to acknowledge for the longest time. While I spent, what seemed as, every waking hour hoping to get women to notice me, much of the real opportunity slipped through my fingers.

If you can’t interpret the subtle messages that women send your way, then you are dead in the water. And here is one important fact: women are a lot less obvious when it comes to sending these signals than men are.

Obviously, nature plays a big part here. Men are just conditioned to convey their feelings toward women in a very, no-nonsense fashion – there is usually no mistaking their feelings and intentions. Women, on the other hand, are much more low-key.

Why did I have a problem interpreting these signs?

Well, it all came down to my lack of self-esteem.

If I was talking with a woman that was sending me these subtle messages, I would always convince myself that my imagination was running wild. Although, I would be aware that she might find me attractive, I would kill the idea in my head without a second thought.

What if I was wrong and made a pass at her? Would she ignore me? Scream? Laugh? Run away? If I ever had the urge to trust my instincts and follow through, my “logical” side would quickly step in and put an end to it. I’d convince myself that she couldn’t have possibly been showing signs of romantic attraction towards me – obviously, I was misreading the situation.

Ultimately, I refused to acknowledge that any woman would be interested in me – it didn’t matter if the signs were subtle or downright forward.

That led to many years of loneliness.

Today, things have improved. I’ve been working on my confidence and self-esteem a little and I am now able to see many of these low-key signals that are being sent my way. Granted, I am still careful to interpret things properly so as to avoid embarrassment, but at the same time, I’ve opened my mind to the possibility that some women do find me attractive and go out of their way to show me.

It’s all to do with confidence and self-esteem. Whoever you decide you are you will become – well, for the most part anyway.

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