Dating anxiety

Dating sites and introduction services are a good thing as long as you are ready to actually meet someone. My experience was mostly negative because of my confidence and self-esteem issues.

Creating dating site profiles and hanging around different bars and clubs wasted a lot of my time. I had other issues that I needed to take care of before I would have any success with these methods.

I needed to stop concentrating on romance and start looking inward.

Dating aside, my number one problem was insecurity and low self-esteem. How could I expect to meet someone when I had all that going on? I’m sure (well, actually, I know) that people can see right through me and I come off as anxious and nervous. In fact, it’s bad enough in everyday life, let alone in the dating world.

Yeah, it’s natural to feel a little nervous on a first date, but my level of nervousness caused me to behave in a peculiar way. Because of my nervousness, I would say and do things that sent out the “weirdo” vibes. Woman would pick up on this instantly and the date would end prematurely.

I experienced this many times. It’s discouraging because I had a hard enough time getting them to agree to go out on a date to begin with.

Deep down, I know I have a decent personality; it’s just that I become a different person when I am out in public. I’m not just talking about dating here. I have a difficult time meeting people and making friends in general. I’m sure it also has a lot to do with experience.

So, as you can see, I have other issues that run a little deeper than getting rejected by just about every woman I come into contact with.

Now, the real question is: Where do I start on my self-improvement?