The online dating site profile

My dating site campaign is still going strong. I decided to delete my old profile from all of the free sites and re-tool. My new profile (which took me a long time to create) seems to be getting a lot more attention. One major difference is that I am now concentrating on one service only. This site is one of the major players in the online dating world, and it does, in fact, make a huge difference in the quantity and quality of responses I am getting.

One of the biggest discoveries I made is that, even though guys are paying $25/month, they don’t bother to include a detailed profile and a picture. Without a picture, you better have a very compelling description of yourself. Without a well written profile or picture – well, there is no chance at all. It makes sense: why would anyone bother with such a half-assed attempt?

The secret is that it really doesn’t take much to make an average guy shine in a situation like this. Spend a little more time, be creative, proof-read, be detailed, and include a picture. There you have it: you’re already light years ahead of the competition. It’s amazing more people don’t get this simple point and make their profile work for them.

I now have 10 times the number of responses using only that single site. At one point, I was an active member at more than 15 sites - and getting nothing but spam and crank replies. I used to think that it was me personally, but now I’m realizing that the profile will make or break things for you.

My dating site profile is very detailed. It includes a lot of relevant information, written in a catchy, edgy style. It is about 250 words in total, but it’s not a boring read. I wrote and revised for many hours to come up with the final product.

As far as the photo goes, I had to be careful. I’m not what most would describe as a good-looking guy, so I had to choose my photo wisely. I decided that I would leave an air of mystery in a tasteful way without seeming evasive. The lighting and distance in this picture is perfect and achieves that goal perfectly. I have given up on submitting frontal, full-frame, well lit, head shots that show every last imperfection. They are not very flattering, and I have received a lot of negative criticism on other dating sites.

In a way I feel as though I’ve discovered a big secret that no one else knows about.