Free dating sites

Free online dating services are pretty much the norm these days as competition heats up among hosts. The best online dating services may, however, still be the paid membership sites. Although there are exceptions, most free services tend to be small operations trying to get into the market. The databases for these smaller dating sites tend to be sparse.

Now, as I said, not all free services are created equally. Most, so called “free” sites, are free with limitations. In fact, to actually contact someone you end up paying anyway – so why not use one of the big paid membership dating sites?

Having said that, there is one site in particular that has just as much traffic as many of the large pay sites and is, amazingly, totally free for a full membership– no strings attached. I always keep my profile on there because of the sheer number of members and the fact that new people are joining every hour.

I will probably give a paid dating site a try for the following reasons:

• The members are likely to be a little more serious about finding someone. After all, they are putting up their hard earned money to become a member.

• Many people that would never post their profile on a free dating site might choose a paid service for an increased sense of security. The fact that each and every member is held accountable for their actions (they have your credit card number) could be the deciding factor between someone signing up, or not.

• Spam and other nonsense will be non-existent. It’s too easy for spammers to join a free service – why pay?

• I am going to spend considerable time creating my new profile and I want to make sure it gets some quality exposure.

The top services charge between 20-30 dollars a month. I’ll probably get my profile ready and join one of them in a few days. There is no commitment, so if things don’t work out, I’ll be out a month’s subscription – not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.