How to Meet Women

Men like things that make sense. We repair cars, build furniture, and spend our free time cursing tiny model ships in bottles. All of these things have clear cut systems and “how-to” procedures that make them possible to achieve, and that's what we like: instructions. Sure sure, we men are renowned for refusing to ask for directions, but the truth is we like a system that has clear cut goals and methods that allow us to reach them. But what's that have to do with meeting women? Well, as tricky and unique as women are, you can develop a general system for meeting them that works.

The truth of the matter is guys meet women everyday. You meet women in the grocery store, at work, on the bus or subway, in line at the bank. Everywhere. The trick is being able to turn these brief chance encounters into a date, and then series of dates that lead ultimately to a relationship.

Remember, you're making first impressions all the time. You might be thinking about leaving the house in your cutoffs and the tank top you mow the lawn in fellas, after all “nobody important” is going to see you, or are they? If you want to meet women, you have to remember that you might meet a woman doing anything, going anywhere. Be prepared for this chance. That means ditch the rags and pull on some decent threads, even if you're just running out to the store real quick.

You may be inclined to think that bars and clubs are good places to meet women, and for some people they probably are. But the truth is that for most of us, we'd be better off meeting somebody in a grocery store, gym, or even a public pool. Most people go to clubs or bars to do two things: drink, and “hook up.” This means that a large number of people in any given bar are either bouncing from disposable relationship to disposable relationship, or worse, they're alcoholic. If you approach a woman in a gym, or grocery store, you don't have to compete with any loud music or pushy drunk people. You can also use the casual setting to help you find things in common so you have something to talk about if you do get her to agree to a date.

Meeting women is easy. You do it all the time, every day, everywhere. You just need to spend a little time making sure you look presentable. Then casually express interest and see if you can get a date. Remember, in the end, if you don't ask, the answer is always “no.”